Monday, November 05, 2007

Man Droppings - What a Contrast

On October 17th I began my blog by posting a pic of what I called "man droppings". For 8 days I picked up certain found objects while walking my dog. All the objects are sitting in a bag waiting for a quilt to transpire. But it's not time yet.

Yesterday was another day of being directed to pick up certain items. I did not go looking for any specific thing but the items on this post are what I found. The first item I came upon was the rusty blade. It is corroded and nasty looking by most people's standards but I was very excited to find this object. Continuing my walk; only a short distance I found the tennis bracelet with 28 little hearts and diamonds. I can't imagine how someone lost it, its in excellent shape. But right away a thought came to mind: "what a contrast in the two items". As soon as that thought popped into my head I heard the Lord speak to me quickly, "looks are deceiving, don't be fooled by what you see". I placed the items in my pocket and continued on.

Toward the end of the walk I found 7 pennies laying together. Now I was really excited! I began to laugh. I thanked God for having the angels drop the pennies down to me. He was reminding me of a promise He had made to me long ago. And I'm sure the pennies were left behind by a human soul not angels. But my friend who always says they are dropped by angels will be excited to hear I found 7. The number seven represents "completion".

I guess they were a burden to carry in someone else's pocket. They probably considered them to be useless too. What can a bunch of pennies buy? Nothing! But a bunch of pennies found over many days and months add up. I will give them to one of my favorite charities. I am sure I have over a hundred dollars.

According to the New Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus the definition of "contrast" as a noun is "a striking difference; a comparison to show their relative excellence." The funny thing is I also had my DH buy me the Nov./Dec. issue of "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" magazine. When I returned home I sat down to read my magazine and on the cover was the title for p66; an article titled "7 recipes for Rust." I am sure it is just coincidence that I found 7 pennies along with this article on 7 recipes for rust. No Way!! The article's inside title says "in rust we trust, faux or real, rust appeals." What a pun on the saying placed on coins "In God We Trust". Can you guess where I am headed with my artistic experimentation?

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