Monday, November 12, 2007

Remembrance Day

Today is a holiday in the US; banks, libraries and government buildings are closed to honor veterans. Yesterday was the official day marked on the calendar.

The pic for today is a collaboration of Americana fabric postcards made by guild members in my local quilt guild. The cards are being taken to Iraq by an air force pilot headed back before Christmas. There they will be distributed to soldiers in the hospitals and others who have no family. It is hard to imagine that some have; for whatever reason; no family involved in their lives. I pray that many will establish new frienships that will last a lifetime. Everyone needs support; even if from strangers that they have never met.
I must say I have met some wonderful people through my internet trades. They are fun, encouraging and helpful. And when we are traveling in the same area, we make attempts to connect and exchange in person. Who would have ever thought that the internet and computers would change so many people's lives? The connection is now global.

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Fannie said...

Yes, the connection is now global, and I'm glad we were "connected." I wonder how many global friendships were made through the internet.