Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What Brings You Comfort?

Here are my baby Dotee dolls. When I began working on these sweet little ones I felt they were naked so I shaped them to have a blankie around their bodies. They are all one piece sewn in a way that the blankies fold onto the baby. They were so much fun to make. I thought about the comfort dolls bring to children of all ages, from birth to death. We all enjoy dollies. I remember buying one of my sons a cloth boy doll that taught him how to open/close a button and tie a shoe lace. Stored in my attic are a few treasures from when my boys were small. These little treasures hopefully will go to their children when I become a grandmother. To be linked to our future through our past is to live forever. We want our children to have wonderful memories of growing up. We hope they will take the time to relay those feelings and thoughts to their children one day.
But for some those memories are few and far between. And for others that kind of memory does not exist. We take for granted so many things: love, security, protection, and the warmth of a "home." I have been pondering "Comfort" this morning. What does bring you comfort? I know for a nursing baby its the smell of a mother nearby, and the touch of her hand as she strokes, in tenderness, her sweet bundle of joy. For an elderly friend its the visit of a loved one or just a touch and a kind word to let them know they are valued. The little child that has fallen and bruised himself finds comfort in a parent who picks him up, dusts him off and gives him the courage to get back on the tetter-totter.
You've heard the words/phrases "comfort food", "comfort and joy" a "cup of... to bring me comfort", and a comfort quilt. That brings me to another comfort." The site comfort dolls is bringing comfort to many women of domestic violence and abuse one doll at a time. Check it out and maybe you would like to become involved by creating your own little Dotee doll and donating it to the cause to give hope to one hurting soul. I am realizing I don't want to be in my comfort zone - for me that's where I am pretty much doing nothing.

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Fannie said...

I enjoyed today's post about "comfort." Thanks for the link to comfort dolls.