Saturday, November 03, 2007

But, but, but, but, but

Since beginning my blog and joining a
group on line I learned a new word.
"lurking" - its when someone has joined a group but not taken the plunge to become involved yet. They are sitting in the background watching.

After today I will become a "lurker" again in my guild. Or can you go backwards? Today is my last day officially as the Program Chair. I lurked for many years, enjoyed watching others, then decided it was time to invest my heart and time in the guild. It has been a fun two years, a busy two years and now I have moved on. I have taken many workshops, learned great techniques, and met fantabulous quilt teachers. But! I need to go further - I have a huge collection of magazines and books. My Passion!! I love to read and read and read. I haven't found much time for that lately. But! I need to move on - past the browsing into the "doing". Here are a few of my magazines. But! In the middle sits a cute, little, children's book. I found it on the bargain rack at the book store where I frequent. Its titled: Keeper of the Doves by Betsy Byars. There is a moral to this story involving the words we speak and who is listening. You might think no one is listening But can you hear your own words echoing back to you? For today spend some quality time speaking to yourself about the wonderful person you are, the great things you have accomplished and will accomplish. But! stop the lurking, take the plunge, go for it, try the new idea rolling around in your head. How many times do we hear or speak those words: but, but, but, but, but? No but's today. Go for it!!


Jacq said...

I really appreciate your post today. There is some saftey in just being a lurker but not a lot of satisfaction. For many years I let other things get in the way and just watched. Now that I am retired and my days are what I make them, it is time for me to quit being a lurker. Thanks for the good thoughts.

Fannie said...

Great post! Congratulations on your work as Program Chair. Maybe you'll have more time to "play."