Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rust and moth-balls

My experiment with rust succeeded in failure. This means I did try to use vinegar, water, found rusty objects and muslin in my experiment. It failed to produce what I wanted but succeeded in the fact that I tried it. In some places where the rusty objects touched the fabric there were markings left. But in other places where it touched there was nothing. Maybe there was not enough vinegar, oxygen or water to produce the results I wanted. I will try this again.

I continued to "fix" my experiment by adding Caran wax pastels to 4 blocks of the fabric. I believe that would be called "doctoring" the results. LOL! I am learning not to give up but proceed on. Also, I used this opportunity to try different camera settings. Interesting enough the night light settings, where I could see nothing in my lens, were the ones that turned out the best. Off to the lab for me.

On a side note a neighbor suggested I use moth balls in my flower beds to deter cats from experimenting in my yard. Besides my dog goes crazy when he sees them in his yard. Off to the store we go for those.

There is a verse in the NT that speaks of not laying up treasures on earth, where rust and moth can corrupt, but lay them up in heaven where they are safe from corruption. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. St.Matthew 6:19-21. I am beginning to understand this after experimenting with my rust.

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