Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Vote - It's A Privilege

Today across the US people are going to the polls. Voting is a privilege many ignore. But they are quick to voice their complaints if the people in office are not thinking their way. I hope you are taking this privilege seriously today. It matters.

One of the first abstract postcards I did is being voted on this week. "Bird In A Cage" is one of three I experimented with and decided I would enter it in an abstract challenge.

It's difficult to put your work out there for others to critique especially if they don't know what you were thinking when you did the piece. Or they can't feel the piece the way you did while creating it. Truly I am realizing it is very difficult to see the real beauty of a piece of art unless you have it in hand, so to speak. As I receive trade items in the mail after viewing them on line I am very aware of their true beauty and craftsmanship.

Thank you to all the artists and craftsman who bare your soul through art. What a privilege to receive a piece of your art; for in your releasing it I am receiving a part of your very soul. Gifting me with your art is not something I take lightly.

A side note: I returned from voting early this morning. Walking outside into the parking lot I looked down and what should I find; no not pennies; but nickels, 3 to be exact. I showed my DH then I had another great laugh with God. One nickel, one blessing for each of my sons. What a glorious, rainy day!!


Jacq said...

When my girls were little my father would have them look for money when ever they were together walking. We called it LFM (look for money). To this day when ever they are out and about they always remember LFM. Now my granchildren LFM. When they find a coin there is always a "thanks Grandpa" or a "thanks great Grandpa". My father has been gone 26 years and it is still a fun way to remember him.

morningDove said...

I love this post from Jacq. Thank you for sharing about your girls and dad. It doesn't matter how long they are gone, remembering is what keeps them alive. LFM