Friday, November 23, 2007

Beads & Roses

27th Celebration Countdown

Day 23: Last week my hubby had to spend one day doing my chores. One of them was grocery shopping, something he detests doing. When he returned from the store he surprised me with this bouquet of flowers. They were a bright spot on a day when I was experiencing a bad migraine and ended up in bed all day. I am thankful for a spouse that does not grumble and complain but pitches in to make life easier. I marvel at the gift of love, friendship and devotion in my hubby - truly a gift from God. We look forward to time on the cruise just being together.

Beaded Doll Class

I took my first doll class at Quilting Adventures. Kathleen taught us how to sketch a doll body shape onto fabric. Then we were allowed to play with our decorative stitches and randomly draw all over the fabric. In the next step we beaded over the stitches. And finally we used cabochon faces she had made and beaded around them to get this wonderful finished doll. This was a terrific class because Kathleen is an excellent teacher with lots of patience. In the new year I plan on taking a year-long experimental study with her. We will experiment using the book, Art Quilt Workshop Study.


Fannie said...

I like the beaded doll. Impressive.

Nice flowers, nice hubby, nice life. ;-D

Jacq said...

Your doll is so cute it must be fun to work on. I like all the beaded dolls that I've seen on blogs, I think I shall have to try one someday