Sunday, November 18, 2007

Needle-felted postcards

Yesterday I showed several new products I received as a Christmas present. I took the time to experiment and play with them. The funny thing is when I took the needle holder out of its package I almost broke it trying to figure it out. Of course I didn't first read the directions. I was too busy wanting to play. Calm down little girl! there is plenty of time for playing.
Here are four postcard fronts I needle felted.
The unusual one is for "Anything But Square/Rectangle" challenge. If you need to release a little tension you could play hard and pounce/punch like crazy but that is not recommended.

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Jacq said...

Your postcards look really great Thanks for sharing your needle felting. I am going back and forth about buying a machine to do it or doing it by hand. I love the look of needle felting.