Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful or Think Full

Happy Thanksgiving
27th Celebration Countdown

Day 24 - I am so thankful and "think full" today. I realize I need to think "full". How can I be thankful if I am looking at the glass half empty? My glass is full to running over. I have been married longer than I was single. My marriage has been wonderful. The time has passed too fast and I have failed to cherish every moment to its fullest. Like a great bottle of wine that you savour, I want to express to my DH how much I appreciate him. The fragrance of our marriage is like our favorite flower, the gardenia, and its wonderful scent. It captures your senses and draws you in to a place of beauty and joy. It takes me to his home place and the Tide's Inn where gardenias bloomed and their scent permeated the night air. During the late night walks my DH would romance me by picking a beautiful gardenia and bestowing it and his affections upon me - me alone. Even today he will drive to his home place to pick me daffodils when they are in bloom. I am thankful to God for all He has given me. What a glorious life it has been since I married 27 years ago.

Project Finished - Art2Mail Exchange #37

I finished this exchange yesterday. All 24 cards have been placed in the mail headed to destinations around the world. In midstream I changed the card process to whimsical. The last eight are colorful, whimsical and bordered. Playful kittens, playful children and playful butterflies draw you into fun and laughter. I hope they brighten the recipients day just a little bit and lightens the load of life when they are received after Thanksgiving.

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