Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Potpourri of Mixed feelings

27th Celebration Countdown Cruise

This is the 25th day heading toward "the" day of our anniversary cruise. Reflecting back: Our first son was born moving into the 3rd year of our marriage. Its interesting how heredity works in genetics and really unless there is a major defect in a family most couples don't think about what will actually be passed on to the next generation. Seems my hubby passed on everything to him. Before our son was one year old he had two surgeries - neither life-threatening but still devastating to us. He was actually born with extra toes and needed to have three removed in order to wear shoes. He also had hernia surgery. I'll never forget that sweet little face looking through the huge crib bars before surgery when he was at Children's Hospital.

New Technique - Tags

Step 2 in the "Tags" workshop experiments with watercolors. I bought an inexpensive child's set from the dollar store as suggested. I chose purple, orange and green with a bit of brown. I didn't know what to do so I just brushed it on very watery. The three-day old coffee was brushed on after the watercolors. I had made a pumpkin pie and the oven was still warm so I placed the three tags in there to dry them. The oven was hotter than I thought and my tags now have oven rack marks on them. Could this maybe be another undiscovered technique. (lol)

The Wallet Fiasco

What I thought was a kind deed has now turned into an interesting turn-of-events. I received a phone call from an investigator at the local college. Seems the MD man, (the one the operator dialed by accident) fears identity theft may have occurred. So he has contacted the college to follow through on his strange phone call. I explained to the investigator the young man's last name was not the same, that the wallet had been returned to the rightful owner and that that-was-that. Or not! I gave him the owner's name and told him the student was in law school there. He thanked me and informed me he would be contacting the young man to check out everything. What happened to the kind gesture of returning a lost item and getting a simple "thank you". I know those days are long gone. My rookie, police officer son stopped by my home and I told him the story. All he could ask me was "Where is the wallet now?" "Mom," he said, "you should have left it there, not touched it, and called the police, that's what they are there for. And you would not be dealing with any of this." It never occurred to me that any kind of crime might have happened other than someone lost his wallet or a pick-pocket dropped it after taking the money.


Fannie said...


Isn't it ironic that a good deed sometimes turns the do-gooder into a victim?

You did the best you could, and you did it with the best of intentions. Your integrity is still intact. ;-D

morningDove said...

Hey Fannie: isn't that a hoot!!

Jacq said...

What a crazy situation. Know wonder more people are choosing not to get involved. Good for you for doing the right thing, you are a good example to all of us.