Wednesday, November 28, 2007

27th Celebration Cruise Countdown

Day 18 - Its getting closer. Last night my hubby suggested we check clothing. This year I want to pack light. Just enough to get both of our clothing into one bag plus a carry-on. Anyone have any suggestions for packing light? In the past we have taken so much clothing it was hilarious. To heck with the clothes. Of course for me its the "other" stuff that I can't go without. I have to pack my reading books, favorite magazines and a few projects.

Reflecting Back

When it was time for kindergarten I decided to homeschool. In my area there was a great organized group of homeschool families. I enjoyed having my children around and experiencing more of their firsts in their lives. My DH wasn't too sure about homeschooling. But as time moved on each year another year of homeschooling continued. When my oldest entered high school we joined with a local school for a few classes. We paid for credited foreign language classes and moved him through high school. Each child had different interests and we were able to adjust them accordingly. My youngest entered high school at the local Christian school. He felt he needed a smaller environment to learn in. Our high school like most in the cities was too crowded. When my hubby would go on assignments I would pack the boys up and we would all go. They enjoyed learning about different places in our home state. I miss those days, but we have all moved on in our lives. We have many wonderful memories.

More Tags

I just could not resist posting this picture of my manila folder. I absolutely love this technique.
Its easy and produces great effects quickly. I did both the coffee dye and watercolor at the same time. The colors are vibrant and the dye stains give it so much texture. I was able to produce the coffee ring on one side.
I don't want to cut it up but I want to make more tags. I think this folder would produce some wonderful tags. Any other suggestions for the folder?
I am trying Jacq's paper/fabric technique and have a sample drying. Another post, another day.


Fannie said...

Packing tips: Choose a main wardrobe color scheme such as black, brown, blue, etc. Pick pieces that match that color. I usually pick black. So I select a pair of black slacks, black jacket, black sweater, black shoes, black skirt; colors for tops, blouses and accessories are easy because black goes with any color. Hope this helps.

morningDove said...

thanks Fannie: i have many black and reds. i will try your suggestion. thanks for the tip.

Jacq said...

I agree with Fannie. Also when we were on a 2 week cruise around the Horn of South America, I sent clothing out to have laundered. That way I didn't have to take alot of clothing.

morningDove said...

I forgot you can launder clothing while on ship. Another solution to my dilema. thanks ladies