Saturday, November 17, 2007


Several of the Creative Circle group decided to signup for a jacket class. We met the teacher on Wednesday

She helped us fit the pattern to our bodies and decide on fabric and embellishments.
The buttons in the pic are loud pink and lime green plus bold red. The jacket is reversible and will have closures. I will display the finished jacket after my class on the 24th. Our teacher guarantees it will not be a UFO!!

While at the quilt store one of my friends purchased needle felting products and gave them to us as early Christmas presents and of course the challenge was given to produce a finished project. I think I will go small and try it on my postcards.

Another first for me will be an ATC (artist trading card). The FAT group ATC trade will be "angels." I have an idea rolling around in my head but now to get it on fabric and into a finished form. Don't we all like a challenge?

On a serious note I am still having a little problem working with my dominant hand. After fracturing the knuckle it has become difficult to have total movement like before the injury. I have two quilts for sisters I need to work on. My commitment level I must say is at "0". One is a snowball block and the other is Americana with a center panel. Sometimes you just have to dig those heels in to finish a project. I can truly say without a doubt I am having a terrible block even picking up either of the projects.

What's a girl to do? Consider it a challenge and just do it!! It reminds me of a small child taking nasty medicine in order to get the treat they so like. I will try to designate a block of time to work on them, then switch to a project that seems to be flowing. Maybe that will work. What's that saying: "inch by inch, little by little..."

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Fannie said...


I ordered and received needle felting tools before my trip, and I haven't found the time to play with them yet. Your post has inspired me to play.