Friday, November 09, 2007

Missing A Piece of The Puzzle

Yesterday I ranted and raved for several hours because I could not find my cutting mat. I had prepared to finish my postcard exchange project. Needless to say that did not happen. But what did happen? What is the saying "the best laid plans of mice and men.." My day turned into the most productive day. I worked on my FAT puzzle d'art trade. At first I could not even find the puzzle pieces. My dining room was in such disarray with my project stuff sitting everywhere. So I began to clean and sort while looking for my cutting mat. I am sorry to say I accused and inquired of everyone that entered my home whether they had taken my mat and thrown it away. I even called sons and DH on phone to see if they had seen my precious mat. I called a friend who took a class last month with me and inquired from her. I realized I had also lost a green cutting mat that travels to all the classes with me. That truly looks like junk - warped and broken. It looks kind of ratty; to the untrained eye it would be considered junk.

As I was calming down around lunch time my DH called me and through the conversation I realized where the mat might possibly be. Remember I had worked on my first rust project. Well at 4am that morning I had walked outside to clean the vinegar out of the fabric. I needed something to place it all on and guess what I used - the cutting mat. But when I picked up the plastic bag my cutting mat fell off the railing of my deck. I had not even noticed as I was more interested in what had transpired with the rust and fabric. Oh my, now what to do!!

Immediately I called my DH and had to apologize and ask his forgiveness. When my son returned home I had to apologize and ask his forgiveness. And believe me - it was important to hear them both say "I forgive you." With a clear and clean conscience I could move on to finishing my puzzle pieces. I had never used gesso before. I learned it is a waste of time to put coloring in the gesso; paint after it dries. The entire project just flowed until all three pieces were finished. If I had found my cutting mat I can assure you not one project would have been finished. The puzzle art would not even be started today.
I realized I felt like the green cutting mat - warped and broken. I had let my emotions run rampant. I was out-of-control over a mat. I learned an important lesson yesterday - take a step back when things are not going your way and ask yourself - What is God trying to show me that I am missing? maybe change gears, you ain't all that, let it go, what else can I do, where's your focus!? My eyes had shifted to the "doing on demand" not the "being" that I enjoy as I work on the art projects. Relax, enjoy what life brings your way today.

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