Thursday, December 13, 2007

27th Anniversary Cruise Countdown

Today hubby goes for scan - waiting - I guess it can be a good thing. Its day 3 and the 13th of December. I've been pondering some rather deep things lately. Yesterday I realized I am kind of like an agent for my son and the buying of his home. When that hit me full-blown yesterday I thought I would throw-up. I think I was having buyers' remorse and I'm not the buyer. He will review the contract today and send it to the seller. Oh my!! He is so matter-of-fact about everything. His priorities were on his new job. His attitude - if it happens it happens, I can't be bothered about it.

Reflection today is on my father - my children's father. I didn't get to experience life with a dad. He died when I was three. But I held to the idea that if I had children they would know their dad. My hubby is the most perfect dad (ok in my eyes even in his imperfection he is). What do I know? I didn't have a model to go by. He is super with our boys and has always been involved in their lives. He is a quiet, strong, sensitive person. I imagine if my dad had lived he would have been like my hubby or so I want to believe that anyway.

What matters most to me is that he loves them as much as he loves me. His desire is to see them succeed in whatever direction they want to go in life. I have heard him tell them many times - "I don't care if you are a ditch digger do it with pride, love what you do, and have integrity about what you do."

Children want their father's love and attention. And I know for a fact that when dad speaks it holds an entirely different meaning than when mom says something. I don't believe my hubby knows the full impact he has on our sons. But then I guess we never realize how much we impact someone else's life until.... well maybe never.

Celebrate Your Creative Self

by Mary Todd Beam

I joined a group that will begin a workshop following the above book in January. I've been pondering the first lesson on Creating Your Personal Symbols. My friend the other day shared with me that she thought the numbers 1, 2 and 9 were significant for me. She loves numbers and gets these wonderful ideas, which I love, from numbers. When she shares them I am like the commercial with the advisor that speaks and everyone stops what they are doing and listens. She is a fascinating person. Boy! I feel this is a heavy thing - but according to Beam a person is probably already using symbols and may not recognize it. I have journaled for years so I think I will do a bit of investigating and see if I have certain symbols mixed in my doodling. Here I am a mere shadow
of who I really am. I manipulated a pic of myself in my Scrapbook Factory program. I would love to have you join me in this endeavor of celebrating one's creative self. Maybe I'll see you there.

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