Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jesus Christ - the Savior of the World

27th Anniversary Cruise Countdown

It's day four and the race is on as to whether we go on the cruise. It depends on medical results, medicine and healing. The body is an amazing machine that God has created and given time it can repair itself. My hubby goes for a cat scan on Thursday. If it comes back he has kidney stones that are too big to pass then its medical procedure to break them up. I'm at peace either way - cruise or not we will celebrate a glorious 27 years together.

The most important thing I ever wanted for my children was for each to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior one day. For each of them that decision came early in their lives. My oldest decided one day as I was heading into 7-11 he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart. He was adamant about it. He would not wait another minute - it was now Mom, then, right there before we went into the store. I remember this sweet little prayer he prayed at 4 years old for Jesus to become personal to him. I wrote it down and placed it in his scrapbook.

My middle son was 6 and we were headed to the Eastern Shore, my hubby and I in separate cars. I had the oldest and youngest. My hubby and middle son were close to the shoreline after crossing the long tunnel and he insisted he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart. When we got to our destination my hubby shared with me how he and our son shared that moment together. He and his dad would go for long walks at the park and our son would carry his Bible for his dad to read stories to him.

And then our little man, our 6'3" son, was 6 and it was on a Sunday during church service. He was afraid to go forward by himself to talk to the pastor. So I remember carrying him down to the front. But he was not afraid to share what he felt in his heart with our pastor.

I wish everyone knew Jesus the way I do. I remember being 12 and it was during a missionary's visit to my home church. I felt I would burst inside if I didn't let someone know I had accepted Jesus Christ. I am so grateful He loved me so much to die for me. I always wanted to be a missionary when I was younger. This is the time to celebrate and remember Jesus' birthday - and also a time to celebrate my family's new birth.

FAT Trade - "B" PSIs

Find items to put on inchies that begin with letter "B".

My Story of The "B" PSI SEA Book

Mr. Bodacious and Miss Buxom were wed in Bermuda on her birthday. He wore his blue board shorts and blue sun hat. She wore her pink flower bikini with heart. They went deep sea fishing for blue gill and barracuda on their new boat. Afterwards they celebrated at the bistro with bubbly and berries.


Fannie said...

Wonderful post all the way around. Love your spirituality and your creativity. Good wishes to you and your hubby.

DeBee said...

Morning Dove-
I found you through a link from Fannie's blog and have been enjoying your posts and your creativity.
Yes, nothing beats knowing Jesus as Savior! He is the Heart of all I do.

Jacq said...

I pray that that things will go well. I always believe things will turn out for the best.