Monday, December 31, 2007

The Sweet Scents - Imagination & Faith

WIP - Enchanted Forest - Here Comes The King
I mentioned yesterday a WIP. Here is the postcard I am working on. I usually never duplicate anything. But this will be an exception. "Enchanted Forest-Here Comes the King" will be produced twelve times for my small state group. I want to honor a man that is battling cancer.
I plan to make an "inchie" king for this enchanted forest. The red/pink batik background represents blood flow and treatments. It's the hidden attack and healing on the Tree of Life. This piece of fabric came from a Caribbean cruise and the island of Grenada. The forest pattern was another accident when I was cutting out words from paper for another project. I began to see a forest shape forming. Don't you love the accidents of creativity. Keep an open mind and you will be amazed at what takes shape.

Day 4 - In God's Presence 40 Days

God The Mysterious Pursuer - Genesis 28:16

My sketch reflects the story of Jacob and his dream of a ladder extending to Heaven with angels going up and down it. My "Love is.." little guy represents my hubby; my pursuer in love and life. I love that God pursues me also, an goes to any length, breadth, height, and depth to bless me. Journaling allows me to reflect on the things of God and what he is saying to me. I want Him to sharpen my senses to hear his voice, see his face, smell his fragrance and touch His heart.

The smell of my hubby's favorite cologne, when worn by him, draws me to him. It draws us closer into our relationship because I realize not only has he put it on for scent but because he knows I like it.

God, what is the fragrance that draws me to you? the smell of a fresh rain, the scent of oil, the sweet fragrance of a newly opened gardenia, the fresh powder on a new born babe, the smell of my doggie after a bath. These are a few of my favorite things.

Pearls Of Great Wisdom: Imagination & Faith

Yesterday's sketch: Pearls of Great Wisdom - I think that is what I will call it. It began actually from an imprint left on the previous page of the pan.

On the wings of Imagination and Faith I will dive to the depths and bring back my pearl enclosed in an oyster. It sits atop the world waiting to be shown off, to take wings and soar with the eagles. In our lives there are many facets that make up who we are. Exploring, challenging, and playing lead to new discoveries in this great expanse we call The Universe.

Where will the New Year lead me?

God Only Knows!!

but I hope to enjoy it every day.


Jacq said...

Your Enchanted Forest is very lovely. What a nice way to honor someone. One could probably do a whole study on the Tree of Life. hmmm Will the King inchies be placed on the cards? Please post finished card.

Fannie said...

Happy New Year, Dove! Where will the new year lead you? Wherever it is, I'm sure you'll sprinkle hearts and pick up pennies along the way.