Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Super Star Show

I arose early this morning. don't even know what time but it was pitch dark on balcony. The stars in the sky were doing their dance. I believe the dipper constellation was what I was looking at. As I watched the sky I saw a great shooting star zoom over top the ship and burn out. Before long 7 shooting stars had passed over and I definitely made my wishes. This light show was better than any I could see on the ship. The Creator gave me a grand illumination of the skies.

today has been a busy day with two excursions back-t0-back. The island was so beautiful and the people wonderful. We did not have long at the beach, about 1 hour at the end of the day. But I want a tan. We have not been on the ship long enough for me to play bingo, which I usually do at least once. Dinner was great last night and before dinner we saw a show. Our dinner was finished around 9pm and I called it another night. Like I said I am such a party hound. Nelson boatbasin is fantastic, the yachts amazing. See you tomorrow.


Fannie said...

Shooting stars, beach, tan, show--sounds like you're having fun, Dove.

Jacq said...

What fun to see shooting stars. Sun and the beach sound wonderful as it has been raining here.