Monday, December 17, 2007

Hey Guys it's me in Barbados: two excursions and I am dog tired. too much in a day. We went on a safari for 3 hours, saw the hotel where Tiger Woods was married. After went back to ship and waited to go on a rum distellery/beach excursion. We opted not to take rum distillery tour. Beach time a little too long but beautiful. Hubby bought me a hat (concerned about too much sun), beach dress and of course a few handmade items.
Hubby was able to access cell phone home only to find out a police officer was shot last night. Thank God he was wearing his vest, because it was at close range. My son hopefully will be more cautious. They know who did it but have not apprehended him yet.
Last night was formal night. The quaint little table for two was wonderful. Food was great and Fannie, we did have the chocolate Princess mousse.
See you soon everybody.


Fannie said...

Hurray for chocolate mousse--yummy. Thanks for sharing your adventures.
P.S. Miss reading your comments on FAT.

Jacq said...

Sounds like you are having a great time.

DeBee said...

It sounds like the trip is refreshing to you, though you are "dog tired." There is that kind of tired that is so good - at the end of a wonderful, though busy, day. I wish you well on the rest of your trip! Keep the updates coming!