Saturday, December 22, 2007

Home At Last

The ending to a great beginning of a week celebrating 27 years of marriage. We were delayed in San Juan, Miami air space was experiencing a problem. All the planes were left sitting on the tarmac waiting to take off. Fortunately for us we did not wait more than 15 minutes to get clearance. Then the pilot came back on once we were in the air and said all planes still on the ground would be delayed 2 hours. We were able to make our connecting flight to Virginia. When we left Atlanta it was raining, but touch down in Va was clear and crisp. I loved seeing a sweet face greeting us at the gate as we came out of the secure area.

Our middle son drove to Richmond to pick us up and take us home. Welcome home! My youngest son cleaned my home, did laundry, washed dirty dishes and even cleaned the yard for his dad's return home. Now that was a treat because my hubby hates leaves in our yard.

We took our last pic to remind us of our cruise. While in flight to Virginia the sun was setting. What can we say that the Creator did not say in the sunset. A magnificent ending to a perfect week.


Fannie said...

Welcome Home!

DeBee said...

Yes, welcome home! Your sons sound wonderful - they must have some fantastic parents!

morningDove said...

thank you guys, i crashed.

Jacq said...

Welcome home, sounds like you had a great trip. It always funny that we are so tired after going on a trip to relax. :)