Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lost and Found

Yesterday in the afternoon I took my dog for another stroll. The roads were much more busy than in the morning. It was actually ire in the morning - I never ran into anyone walking and very few cars were on the roadways. But I did find a few man droppings - the most interesting one being a child's library book titled Freight Yards left on the sidewalk. Its a really cute little book. I will take it to my library and have them mail it back to the New Castle library where it was loaned from.

My first walk gave me the coins in the pic but on my second walk I found a penny, nickel, dime and then another penny and three dimes together. Most interesting. I liked the rusty piece I found so I brought it home, too. My youngest son saw it laying on my computer stand and ask, "Mom what is this?" I replied its man droppings, ok a rusty something-or-other. He rolled his eyes, placed it back on the stand and went on about his business. I know I am peculiar. But hey there's a reason for picking up this rusty stuff. Yet to be revealed.

My FAT friend, Michelle, might appreciate the fact that I went to the Caribbean to collect rusty bottle caps. Well, that was not my intent but that is what I found myself doing. Before I finished my hubby had picked up a few for me.

About the Caribbean cruise tours we took - we saw the homes of Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Eric Clapton. Clapton's compound was amazing overlooking the point on one of the islands. The three-way views have to be fantastic. The only thing that could be better is next time seeing my home on one of the islands. My hubby's dream.


DeBee said...

Love your "man droppings" classification. I love to pick up odd stuff, too. And rusty is wonderful! I'm wanting to do more with making rust marks on fabric. (I even had this idea of stitching rusty nails in a circle to make a pattern... then pick up a recent issue of Belle Armoire and see my idea being used by some designer! Ahh. She who hesitates...)

Thanks for sharing your findings. I'll have to walk my dogs more...

morningDove said...

I'll have to check out magazine.
What was that designer thinking to take your idea. lol, yes walk dogs more - find interesting things. I always wonder how these things got there, like the child's book.

Michelle said...

:-) COOL!!!!