Thursday, December 27, 2007

World Traveler - Headed South

Just dropped hubby off headed to SC with a friend to play continuous golf for days. I know he will have a great time and I - well I have much work to do while he is gone. Getting ready for taxes, putting away Christmas decorations and cleaning house. Oh boy! I am tired already.

Of course, did I mention working on art all hours of the night - now that's going to be fun.

Here are a few pics from our cruise. I love the
stairs leading to nowhere -
well it looks like they may be headed to Heaven.

And the well-wishers of this sign were from another cruise liner - the Amsterdam. They were docked beside us.


Jacq said...

Thanks for sharing a few pictures. sounds like you had a great trip. The stair picture is interesting and would make for some good art work.

morningDove said...

hope to eventually do something with some of these unusual pics.

Fannie said...

I love this photo! It is inspiring. Jacq is right, it would make for some good art work. More, more.