Friday, December 28, 2007

The God Who Whispers

Day 1 - In God's Presence 40 days

I awoke with the words "Before that great and terrible day" gently nudging me to listen. I wondered what that meant but before too much thinking I collaged a page in my sketchbook.

The title for today is

"The God Who Whispers"

and the scripture referenced is 1 Kings 19:11-12. I looked through a few National Geographic books and found what I wanted to collage for that scripture. "Where r u?" God is asking. He wasn't in the wind, or the earthquake, or the fire but in a gentle whisper. So many times the noise of busyness keeps me from hearing what He is speaking to me. So in the next few days I will quiet myself and see where He is leading me. I asked myself, "what kind of horse am I?" a work horse, a race horse, a child's pet, a circus horse? And then I remember a tv show from long ago in my childhood "Mr Ed" the talking horse.

I love looking for artists where ever we go. The pic of the angel is from a group of mentally handicap artists on St. Lucia. During our visit to a plantation the owner showed us her wonderful Christmas tree filled with special ornaments. I had to buy several to bring home and put on my tree. She works with a handicap group of all ages. Their joy and happy smiles said it all for me. That is what Christmas and for that matter everyday is about. Joy and Happiness unspeakable.
The simple pleasures of life seem to be lost in America. That makes me sad.

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Dawn said...

wonderful post..wonderful tree ornament xxx