Saturday, December 29, 2007

Words To Eat

Day 2 - In God's Presence 40 days

The title for today is

"The God of Kitchen Duty"

and makes reference to Acts 6:15

God must have been listening to my conversation with a friend yesterday on menial work to be accomplished before hubby returns from playing golf.
I guess we started out complaining or feeling overwhelmed and ended up praying for one another to reach our goal.

"What am I doing in the hot, smelly kitchen?" was the question. Brother Lawrence of the 16th Century referred to himself as "The Lord of All Pots and Pans" according to The Practice of the Presence of God, The Way of Perfection published by Thomas Nelson Publishing. Now that's a bit much don't you think?

I started contemplating the words I use and how I speak to others. My sketch "Don't Have a Pot To Eat In" came about from this. There's something growing in my pan and it's not good bacteria like penicillan. It doesn't take long to begin a string of negative words and before long build upon the day-before of negativity.

One of the phrases I remember is "you'll never amount to anything." They need to be released and put in proper perspective. The only perspective to combat negative words are the Words God speaks about His children - to prosper you and not to harm you.

I pray I will have a submissive heart to whatever God asks me to do no matter how insignificant I might think the request is. I hope that I would do it to the best of my ability with great delight in remembering I am doing it for Him not others.

Who wants to do the menial, dirty, hard and nasty work? Who wants to clean up all those dirty dishes after preparing a tasty meal? My FIL and I always had a deal when he came to visit - he cooked and I cleaned the dirty dishes. He had a few specialty dishes we all loved and enjoyed lingering over at dinner time. I didn't mind cleaning if I didn't have to cook too. It worked out and was a win-win situation for everyone including my family.

I remember another phrase I used to hear "You're going to eat those words one day." What words do you need to eat so-to-speak? What words do you need to pull from your vocabulary?

Remember you can't take words back once spoken no matter how hard you try.

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