Sunday, December 23, 2007


This morning I began my routine again. My dog and I took our early morning walk. We both enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful cold day. Then I came home and crashed. I slept until after 12:30. Boy did I have loads of laundry from the cruise. Not that I wore most of it but my bag received a good drenching in the rain at Atlanta. I'm now caught up. We headed to "Wally World" and it was buzzing with tons of people shopping. I bought my groceries as quickly as I could and headed home to cook dinner for everyone. The day is winding down, our boys are off visiting and the house is quiet. My hubby is having withdrawals and wanting to plan another cruise.

This is the last pic I took headed home after the cruise. We are on the plane after boarding in Atlanta and the sun is going down. The End of Another Cruise.

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Tremayne said...

Cruises are great. A good way to disconnect with the busy-ness in our lives and reconnect with all that is important. Great photo. A good reminder of all that we miss if we don't slow down long enough to appreciate the simple things life brings to us.