Friday, December 14, 2007

My Blog Beginnings

27th Anniversary Cruise Countdown

We are at day 2, I'm exhausted and we haven't left yet. Hubby didn't need the scan after all. He passed a large kidney stone around lunch time while he was at work yesterday. I am too tired to care whether we go or not. It's been a rough ride on this emotional roller coaster. As you can see the hour is 2:17am and I am fully awake. I have not packed one thing and right now all I would want to do on this cruise would be sleep and sleep. I don't even care about eating and I love that little chocolate heart dessert at dinner. But hey its a new day! Later I will shower, grocery shop for my sons, pickup last minute items and sling a bunch of clothes in my suitcase and off we go tomorrow morning early.
P.S. - Its 3:00am My hubby is awake now and we are laughing together about all this past weeks events. And about all the meds we need to take among other odd things we want to pack. This is what marriages are made of - laughter even during the tough times.

Postcard Exchange #35 and Blogger Beginnings

Here are two of my postcards I sent to participants in Postcard Exchange group #35. We had until December to finish mailing out to our list of 25 people. It is here in this group that I met Fannie and first experienced a blog. She encouraged me in so many ways - in my creativity and in setting up a blog. Each postcard included a vintage hankie from a quilter that passed away in my quilt guild. Her daughter was delighted to see they had been used in such a wonderful way to bless other artists/quilters.


Fannie said...

Hurray! I'm so glad to hear you and your hubby get to go on the cruise. That will be such a welcome retreat for the two of you. Enjoy your yummy "chocolate heart dessertS. ;-D

Don't forget to take along some motion sickness medication.

I am so glad for PE #35 for many reasons. Your blog is an inspiration to many. Your posts touch upon many aspects of the heart, including art.

Now get packing and go have some fun--and some sleep too. zzzzzzzz

Jacq said...

I am so happy that everything is working out. The cruise will be a wonderful time to relax and eat and sleep and play and then do it all over again. Where are going to embark from and where is the cruise going to?

morningDove said...

you two ladies are my inspiration. We fly to San Juan, board ship, sea first day, Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua, Tortolla, StThomas, San Juan; missing one port and these are probably not in order;sail around Caribbean, back to San Juan and fly home through Atlanta.

Michelle said...

Hi Dove! I'm so happy your husband is on the mend. It sounds like you need this cruise more than ever! I hope you have an absolutely splendid time - get all the rest you want - and love on that hubby of yours. Bon Voyage!

DeBee said...

Morning Dove-
PTL! So glad to hear your hubby is doing well and the cruise is on! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time. Enjoy youself!