Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hand Stitching - Can You Believe It

Sherry is hostessing an amulet bag trade on FAT. I can't believe I am actually doing handwork. But here is the proof. It's not finished yet. But as you can see I have used the blanket stitch and french knots. Boy, the french knots are not working for me. Wonder what I am doing wrong. I did get 5 on the little flower.

I wish I could get the true blue color of the embroidery thread.

The Dismal Swamp wildfire is only about 10% contained. The smoke has worked its way all the way to our home area. Oh my does it stink, even in the house its beginning to smell of smoke.
I pray for all the firefighters on the line and the aircraft crew trying to get the fire under control.
I watched on tv all the overflowing rivers in Iowa and all the homes under water. The newscasters were commenting on the grains/wheat and how this will effect our food prices. Between gas prices and food prices I can't imagine how people will make ends meet?
Joseph - the boy with a coat of many colors
That reminds me of Joseph being placed in the number 2 position in Egypt during a time of famine. God had it planned all along. Joseph was able to take care of his father, all his brothers and their families and all the animals they owned. Can you imagine being positioned to take on that kind of power? He was given so much wisdom by God that before the famine came he had stored up food for the nation.
What famine are you up against in your life. What is draining the life out of you and seems if you just gave up would overtake you? I'm learning to trust God at all times. I want to be found trust-worthy by God in all areas of my life.
Joseph had been thrown into a pit by his brothers, sold into slavery by his brothers, falsely accused by his employers wife and thrown into prison again. His father had been told by his siblings that an animal killed him. He had interpreted 2 dreams for the Pharoah's butler and cook and after being promised they would tell about his false imprisonment, left in prison and forgotten.
By man he may have been forgotten, but God never forgot Joseph.
God had a plan for Joseph and it was bigger than he could have ever imagined.
Actually he had imagined it, he had seen it in his dreams as a young boy.
What dreams are you holding on to; waiting to be fulfilled?
Don't give up just hang on and prepare yourself!!


Fannie said...

Dove, there's nothing wrong with your blanket stitch. It's beautiful!

I've been so out of touch with FAT. I didn't even know Sherry was hosting! Gotta go catch up on messages.

Thanks, again, for another wonderful post. I'm spiritually and artistically fed for the day.

Sherry said...

Looking good Dove!

Sue said...

Beautiful amulet, Dove. I love the contrast between the tan and blue. I did some hand stitching when I was a teenager and I remember having a hard time with french knots. They're tricky, but yours look nice!