Saturday, June 07, 2008

Play Around


It's time to play!!

Here is a tyvek experiment from a workshop. I used torn out words and pics from a beautiful magazine. Then I covered them in blue and yellow/green tissue paper. It dried really clear. I didn't think anything would show through the tissue paper as well as it did. I love the tyvek experiment.
Now I will try my heat gun on a piece of tyvek and see the outcome. I love experimenting. The white background piece is actually the plastic protection cover after I painted another piece of muslin. There is great detail and texture in plastic too.
Words in "Passion" - i pass on. I love finding words in words.
When you get a block with your hobby or life in general, what do you do to spur on your passion? What brings you unspeakable joy? Someone ask that yesterday - what do you do to keep your passion? Does passion wane? Is it ok to just keep doing what you do until the passion begins to return? What do you have a passion to do?


Sue said...

My passion is exercise -- I am so thankful that I can get out and enjoy so many different activities. If I start getting tired of biking, I can run, or swim, or go for a hike, or walk the dog. I guess I realize that someday I won't be able to do all that stuff, so I'm packing it in while I can. The housework can wait!

morningDove said...

Sue you are so right. I think my hubby realized that last week when his back was hurting so bad he couldn't do much of any thing. Good thing he was off from work.
I want to be more consistent in exercise. Maintaining our health s/b top priority and a big part of that for me - eating right.

Fannie said...

You've been playing nicely, I see. ;-D Good for you! I like what you did in the previous post too.

My passion? I have many. One is music--listening to good music and making music. I like to go to concerts, attend concerts in the park, dine where there's music. T and I have dinner every Saturday night in a local Japanese restaurant. The food reminds me of home, and the live jazz music fills me with joy.

Eating right is a worthy goal.