Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blind Faith But I See Color

I took my camera to work one day and captured the two pics posted. I just loved all the color and the line. I plan on using them, just not sure on what.

I continue to observe people while at work. Yesterday I had many fathers with their children come to play. Its amazing the difference in the children when the father is involved with the child and not just mom. They are more behaved, calmer and definitely secure in their actions and attitudes.

I was reading this little book on "Miracles." I weep at any of these stories, they so touch my heart. One story was of a husband and wife traveling home on Christmas day in bad weather conditions. They happen upon an accident and she being a nurse knows she can help. But the young teenager trapped in the car dies before rescue can get there. When she sees the obituary in the paper they decide to contact the parents to let them know they were there when their son passed away. She was praying with the young man as he died. The mother was so comforted to know the circumstances of her son's death.

As Easter approached, the Saturday before, the nurse's husband was leaving for a prayer breakfast but before leaving home he and his wife prayed together as they did many times. She also left to run errands but while out received a call that her hubby was in the hospital and had suffered a heart attack. Before she could get there he passed away. She was devastated and found it very hard to go back into their home where just hours earlier they had prayed together. As she walked in the door there on her table was a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a card attached. Who could possibly know she would need them at this moment. As she opened the card she realized it was from the teenager's parents thanking them again for being with their son.

Who knows what we need more than any other?
The Creator of All Mankind, God the Father; that's who.

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