Sunday, June 15, 2008

A True Friend

First of all: Here's to wishing all the dads out there Happy Father's Day.

As hot as it was two days ago, I went outside to sit and enjoy the sunshine in the shade. But my sweet doggie lay right down in the grass with full sun. He didn't last there for very long. His little tongue began to hang out and he started panting. So we went back inside. He will stay with me where ever I go for as long as I am there. I think he's squinting bc the suns in his eyes. lol.

Its still hard to believe I am being encouraged in one of my workshops to hand stitch and I am actually doing it. Here is the first attempt at blanket stitch.
Yesterday was my class at Quilting Adventures. But I hurt the ball of my foot and couldn't barely walk so I didn't get to go. What a bummer!! I have sat around, actually slept for a couple of hours yesterday. It still hurts this morning so don't know if I will get my morning walk in with doggie. It's raining here. Maybe the air will be cleared from the wildfire smoke in the Dismal Swamp. My son said that at Virginia Beach it is so bad you feel like you are in one big bonfire. It brought on a migraine for him. I hope all the people with breathing problems will try to stay inside as much as possible.
The Bible tells of another business woman that loved to sew for the needy, this would be a non-profit business today. Although I believe she profited from it maybe just not monetarily.
She was loved by all that knew her. She was very giving and had such a wonderful heart. When Dorcas died the people were so upset they went to one of Jesus' disciples and explained how loving and giving she had been to many people. She was brought back to life to continue her ministry.
How amazing! After reading that story one day I knew in my heart I desired to be like Dorcas. Unfortunately I have wavered from my path in the last couple of months. Learning new techniques and trading on line have left little time to work on my bigger projects. So I need to rework my time to include working on my quilts too. I tend to be a person with the mentality of all or nothing but when piecing a quilt little chunks of time can be very productive. It's just a matter of changing my mind set and allotting the time.


Sherry said...

Your doggie companion is absolutely beautiful. Step mom has black and yellow lab. Sweet dogs. You hand stitching is great. That's something I've never mastered and haven't tried in years.

Sue said...

How discouraging about the wildfire. I just had to look up the site after reading about it on your blog. It sounds like a very interesting area to visit. Hope they can contain the fire soon.