Friday, June 20, 2008

People Gazing

I made these little faces while at work yesterday. They allow me to do this type of thing as long as I attend to customers. This is a perk, most definitely!! I love pulling these little faces out of the mold esp. when they change shape. I placed them on the cover of a book with flowers. Anne Geddes work popped into my head. I may use these three on an ATC I am thinking of making for the trade at FAT of "gods and goddesses."

I am a people watcher, have always been fascinated with people watching. Yesterday the most wonderful families came through to play. I esp. enjoyed the fathers with their children and then there were grandfathers with their grandsons. Amazing to watch! There's something different in the character of the children.
One father made me sad, his statement, "I won't let anybody beat me." He appeared to be very, very competitive. All in all the day was great. A steady flow of customers and off to head home - where I crashed. Actually a storm blew through. My doggie is definitely having issues with me being away for long periods of the day. I'm sure he will adjust. Even my son and DIL could not get him to walk.

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