Thursday, June 05, 2008

Button Fairies

Button Fairies

Noel sent me the beautiful winged button fairy. I just didn't know how to make one. So after looking at hers, I attempted one. I found these old buttons from my grandmother's stash. I forgot these were something my mother gave me from her mother. So even the fairy face is a button. The wings are yoyos. I left the wire extended bc i am going to add some beads. This one isn't for trade bc its not really constructed very good. If I keep fiddling with it maybe I can complete a few for the FAT trade.

My oldest son text messaged me this morning to say, "thinkin bout you this morn...want you to know how much i love you, your an amazing mom i love you so much." He's so thoughtful. Made my day no matter what else may come.

With that said I hope you know you are loved even more than that by our Heavenly Father.

post script

my hubby called to say he loved me and to tease me about our going on a cruise in December. He calls me everyday to tell me how much he loves me. I am spoiled!!


Sherry said...

Noel is just the sweetest thing! Your button fairy is already good enough for the trade. DS is an angel. I would fall over if one of my children ever did that.

Fannie said...

Button fairies, art, creative spirit, friends who share, family who express love in many ways, you are rich, Dove. Nice.

Jacq said...

You are truly loved. It is wonderful thing to have someone say that they love you.

Noel said...

Dove, doesn't get any better then that!!! Your life is full of love and blessings...woohoo!!!!
I think your button fairy is great for the trade! I used buttons from my Mom's button collection on yours as well!

Sue said...

You have a great family! No wonder, really, you're a special person who brings out the best in all those around you.