Monday, June 23, 2008

Pray Without Ceasing

and Give Thanks In All Things

While working last night my hubby stopped by to tell me our son had wrecked his car. We had a bad storm and there was lots of water sitting on roadways. His vehicle hydroplaned and hit a tree totalling his car. On his arms are burns from the airbag deploying. He is sore in his lower back. His Sargent checked out the area and our son won't be charged.

My oldest son and a bunch of friends are headed to Lakeland, Florida where the healing revival is going on. He is very excited to see what God is doing.

I know God took care and protected my son during his car wreck and He will protect my son and friends heading to and from Virginia. Pray without ceasing. And like yesterday I choose to see God in all things.

What Does This Look Like?

I thought it was the beginning of a mushroom growing in my yard. Two days ago I sat down in my yard with my camera to take pics. While sitting there I came across this. I loved the color but the growth looks like a finger. What do you think?
The next day is was wilted and dying.


Jacq said...

I don't know what that plant is, it looks interesting though. Wouldn't be surpried if it might show up in your art work.

Jacq said...

Dove, I was just checking the time on your post, you need to go to bed. I pray that your son will recover quickly from his accident.

Sue said...

Dove, I am so glad your son wasn't seriously hurt; I do try to remember to be grateful for all things but sometimes I get bogged down with negative thoughts. I have no clue what the growth is...does look like a fungus of some sort. Very pretty in it's own way!

morningDove said...

I agree off to bed it was but not until 4am in the morning. I did sleep until 9 so up and ready to go.
Sue we all sometimes get lost in negative thoughts, I am trying to change them quicker to something positive. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
It may appear in my art, at least the colors fascinate me.