Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Are You A "Nice Girl"?

TP Pendant

I 've been playing with faces and pendants. FAT was having a tp jewelry trade but I couldn't finish a piece good enough to show and trade. So i am posting one i finished last night. i need to perfect it but i enjoyed working on it. i added filling inside, added decorative stitching on the front, a little rub-0n butterfly with the words "flit, flit" and my partial face. I love that i can use parts of the face not all of it. who said you have to use the entire mold. the pendant is one piece folded in a way to close with the little loop at the top. i'll keep working to perfect them. i also like the white face, although i did add clear glitter paint with a touch of orange on the lips.


A friend sent me the book "nice girls don't change the world" by lynne hybels. It starts out with "I want to tell you about someone I used to know very well. She was a nice girl; obedient, polite, socially acceptable. A bit to reticent, some might say, but so very pleasing, nonetheless A really nice girl." How many of us know the "nice girl" for lack of really saying anything about that person? How many of us see ourselves as that "nice girl." I love this little story lynne tells of herself and her fears.

Along with each phase of our lives fear can come in and take over if we let it. Many times the uncertainty of life overrides the Truth of God's Word. But His Word says "I have given you a spirit of love, and of power, and of a sound mind." I also like the verse in Joshua, "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged, for I am the Lord your God and I will be with you wherever you go." I can't tell you how many times I have stood on that verse. Lynne Hybels says it took her turning 50 to realize life is short, and if she didn't start living it, she might never have the chance. She would now be willing to live her life and be willing to have failure. She watched her friend run the Chicago Marathon and as a runner passed her by, she noticed the words on her t-shirt: the front read "Done Watching" and on the back it said, "Doing". Isn't that where we all want to be? Doing what we love, our passion deep within us?!!

An interesting statement she made was this "You know what some of us fear more than anything else? Each other. Other women's success stories." So I say today,



Fannie said...


darlene aKa HugGeR said...

First I love this piece!!

You posted a comment a while back on my blog asking if you could join our club here in Fredericksburg VA and I can't remember if i ever responded back to you but the answer is YES.

Sue said...

I love this message...it's all about living your dreams and making time for what's important!

Michelle said...

Whatcha mean, not good enough??? Dovey, that's gorgeous. I love it.

Noel said...

I'll second that AMEN!!!!

kiwicarole said...

Hi Dove! I love your new jewelery! Stunning, and I hadn't thought about only using part of the face. I am going to try Michelle's technique, you have inspired me! :) Carole

morningDove said...

Hi Carole I am so glad you like my partial face jewelry. let's see what you make when you finish.