Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Throwing Away Money

Paintstiks Workshop

Here are a few pics of examples I did using Shiva Paintstiks. I love the idea of using paper with cut/torn edge to look like moutains. My first one was on black fabric blending colors with a toothbrush or stencil brush. I want to try a freezer paper snowflake and a grid with masking tape.

Throwing Away Money
Owners of a house in Windber, PA used to literally throw their money away by discarding coins into a hole in the wall. Now, family members cleaning the house, which has been empty for 20 years, have discovered the coins. A collectibles dealer was helping the family clean out the house when they noticed a hole in an upstairs wall. They knew by the rumors that the hole was where the family threw their money. They removed the first-floor wall to reveal a pile of coins. They believe the coins to be well worth close to $200,000, which one coin was minted as early as 1793.
How's that for a new meaning of "throwing away money."
I continue to find coins on my daily walks. I've just not made mention of them lately.
So I decided to count my lost coins. Total $9.20.
$3.25 in quarters, 3.50 in dimes, .70c in nickels and 1.75 in pennies.


Fannie said...

I enjoyed seeing your workshop art. Thanks for sharing. Do you like working with paintstiks?

You've collected quite a few pennies on your walks. Nice. I'm in awe of your "throwing away money" story.

morningDove said...

fannie the paintstiks have a strong smell while curing. I am a messy girl so i even use my fingernails to pick the seal off.

wasn't that story interesting and coins worth $200,000.