Monday, June 30, 2008

The Last Day

of June 2008. Where has the first half of this year gone? I can not believe its July!! Last night after getting off work I found myself watching two shows I never watch. Well I don't watch much tv anyway. I watched Army Wives and Grey's Anatomy. Both of them had very traumatic tragedies on them. In one the commandant's family was dealing with the death of their daughter from a bombing. And in the other I believe the tragedy was a ferry had been struck and many people were missing, dead or unidenitified in the hospital. Even one of the main character nurses/doctor had fallen into the water and was drowning. One question ask struck me: If I went missing would anyone miss me? one of the nurses asked another one.

The hospital was not equipped to deal with all the family members coming in to look for loved ones. Finally one of the attendants began taking polaroid pics of all the accident victims and posting them on the board. A simple solution to a major problem. Simplicity! what happened to that concept since the computer age?

I cried through both of these shows. So much tragedy in the world today. But many parts of the world have had wars for years and children have grownup in a war-torn world. Our American children have no idea what other parts of the world struggle through every day.

So I ponder this: If I went missing how long would it take for someone to notice I was missing?

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Sue said...

We are fortunate to live in this country, even with all our problems, that's for sure. Sometimes it's hard to remember, but it's true. And if we really don't like it, we're free to go wherever we think we'd get a better deal. Dove, you'd be missed very, very doubt about it!