Thursday, June 12, 2008

Out Of The Blue Comes Sunshine

FAT is having a trade called "Out of the Blue" and this is the Altoids box I did for the trade. I missed Leilani's Altoids tin book trade so I had to do one. This little box has 3 faces in/on it. I love the fabric I used for the top. It reminds me of a famous artist's painting. At present can't remember the artist's name. I padded the top before trimming it out in hand-dyed fiber. When I opened the lid up it fell all the way back and I didn't like that. So I glued some of the fiber on the side attached it to the lid, now it stays half-way open. On the inside lid I placed jewels and made another blue face centered in the middle of my flower.

I had a piece of denim I had played with trying to fold, it turned into a 2 pocket holder. My little tags inside say "Be Glad", "Happy" and "Love". Then I made another little happy flower with a yellow sunshine face in the center. I edged around the bottom sides with more hand-dyed yarns. I even covered the bottom with more of the top fabric for a perfect finish. I used a calligraphy marker on the top in blue to write the words "Out of the blue came Sunshine."

So here's the question?
When You're in the midst of The Blue Times
Do You Look For or See the Sunshine/Silver Lining
Come out of those Blue Times?
I hope whoever receives this little treasure box will place it on their desk and when they feel overwhelmed with blue days they will pull out the holder, read the tags,
and Remember. Life Is Good!!


Fannie said...

You have created treasures. I'm sure whoever receives them will be uplifted and encouraged! Good job, Dove!

My blue times are followed with a colorful rainbow of hope.

Sue said...

Your words came at good time for me today because it was a trying day for me at work. They helped me to focus on the good rather than the bad.

Sherry said...

These are great Dove. I wish I were participating in that trade, but too much on my plate right now. How's the job? How's hubby dealing with "change"? Miss you , my dear friend.

morningDove said...

Fannie I love the picture of a colorful rainbow of hope.

Sue I'm sorry to hear you had a rough day at work. I'll keep you in prayer. I think of you often when I see bikers. Keep focused on those goals. You will achieve them.

Sherry you and Fannie are opening etsy's together. love it, what are friends for - to share the joys together. I know you must be busy. Full week of work next week. Hubby is adjusting. God is good.