Sunday, June 08, 2008

AB Workshop


This is an unusual "book" I am making in a workshop. I am enjoying this bc it is different. Krissie was gracious enough to oblige us in doing this AB workshop. Its amazing what AB artists can do with a page. I am using a beautiful old calendar I kept. Nothing wasted here. The yellow is duct tape. What do you think of the bottom? I just loved this dog pic bc it looks like my chocolate lab. There is a book name for this but I won't post it yet. It will be a surprise. I haven't ask Krissie how she came up with this unusual name.

What do you see out my front dining room window? Can you see the bird on the feeder? My hubby loves all the birds that congregate in our yard to feed and bathe. And here is where my doggie sits too, but he never barks at them, even though they are right outside the window. He just watches them and I believe enjoys them as much as we do.

Life Changes
Today I will begin to contribute monetarily to my home. I am working a little summer job to help with a financial situation. My hubby has been stressed out over an agreement between our son and him. But in the agreement it was stated "mom will go back to work if the obligation is not met." So here I go. I wonder how being out til 11pm will feel? Any way life's lessons are never about what you think they will be. God always seems to surprise us with a bigger picture.
I am very apprehensive about this but I must trust God for this one. After being out of the workforce for 23 years it seems odd to be going back in. But I know many people are struggling to make ends meet. Wow! here we go on the adventure of a new phase in my life.
Roller coaster!!


Sue said...

I am sure you will do great with your summer job - you will probably LOVE it. I love the blues and yellows in your book, two of my favorites!

Jacq said...

Your book is wonderful. I like the colors and the design. A summer job sounds like fun, hope it is something you will enjoy.