Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Powerful DisCharged Words


I am doing a workshop using bleach to discharge on velvet and black fabric. I used all my bleach and couldn't find the item at Walmart to stop the discharging. But I improvised using Clorox Disinfectant, two cheap rubber stamps and deep burgundy velvet. Here are the results. And it funny that the velvet is so deep it looks like a black/white photo, but it's not!


Have you ever watched online an audio only of voice waves? I find them very interesting and have wanted to come up with an idea to produce them on fabric. The above discharge along with neocolor or fabric markers may be the very thing I have been waiting to try it on. That's not included in the workshop but I did see an example that looked like bones and a single-color discharge that resembled sound waves, at least that's what it looked like to me.
A friend sent me an encouragement GIG from Sharon Jaynes. When I explored her site a little further, she has a book out called "The Power of A Woman's Words". I believe I will order that book. It seems like something I need to read and dig a bit more into. She says,
"Your Words Become the Mirror In Which Others See Themselves."
Now that's pretty powerful, don't you think?
oh and while i'm at it i think i'll discharge some words, that should make for an interesting art piece. Maybe I shall call it "Mouth Piece".


Sue said...

What an interesting technique. Love the cats and fish. Hmmm. Thoughts yesterday and words today. You're giving me lots to think about, as usual.

Sherry said...

So glad to see that you are still finding time for your art. Love the discharge and have always wanted to experiment with that.

Kim said...

Once I used a product called Clorox Cleanup Gel (the gel part is important) and loved it. It is thick enough to hold shape on velvet... I just used a little vinegar water to stop the discharge. Amazing what running out of something can do, isn't it? I will do my BT stuff tomorrow...

Jacq said...

I like what you have done, will have to try this technique.