Monday, June 30, 2008

Angel Quilt Project

This is the Angel project quilt top another guild member did for me. I am struggling with this piece and how to finish it. Once we received the tops back we were told we could add/delete whatever we wanted and finish the angel quilt. There seems to be no cohesiveness to the piece for me. I do like the Native American girl and the piece with the gardenia beside her. I have thought about pulling those two pieces an putting them on a different background or even painting the background fabric.
Does anyone have any suggestions for this? I don't want to hurt the member's feelings, but its just too busy even for me. I may just not finish the top at all. The Angel Quilts were to be finished and collected through the guild to display at Mancuso Quilt show next year in Hampton Roads.


Fannie said...

Ooo, a challenge, Dove. I'll think on this one a bit and let you know if I come up with any ideas. There's always a way to enhance anything. I've got to find my "other" glasses. I'll be back.

Fannie said...

Dove, I think your idea sounds good. I would pick just the Indian girl without the butterflies and create something around her.

How large does the quilt need to be?

If there's room, you may add a few other Indian elements. I would create a geometric border to keep the theme of Indian. Maybe quilt the background with outlines of feathers. Just throwing ideas out there to help.

Sandra Evertson said...

It's Wonderful, love the colors!
Sandra Evertson