Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Entertaining Angels Unaware

I finished my amulet bag by adding a string of beads for the necklace. I am a procrastinator when it comes to hand anything. But I accomplished what I set out to do. This piece is done by hand. Hurray!!

Angels - Our Unseen Companions
After my son's wreck this past week I am sharing this story from
His Mysterious Ways-Miracle of Prayer.
This lady was driving home after visiting her family on Christmas. There was water on the roadway which quickly turned very slick as the temps dropped. Suddenly her wheels skidded, the brakes locked and the guardrail was coming at her fast. She just had enough time to cry out, "God, help me."
The impact of the crash threw her into the back seat where she blacked out. As she came to a man and his son were bent over her. He explained that a police officer had seen the entire thing and was calling for help.
Looking out the window she realized her car had been moved to the other side of the highway and parked safely on the shoulder. As she was being taken care of another car hit the same patch on the roadway.
When the police officer came over to her he ask her where the male driver was. "You know the man who drove the car to this spot?" "I saw him." he said.
The father and son said they had seen him too. He had crossed the lane and parked the car on the shoulder. "But he didn't get out bc we had to break a window to get to you." explained the father.
As she had prayed God had answered. Someone had been with her.


Jacq said...

Your bag looks great.

Sherry said...

Great pouch Dove. Hope DS is healing and without pain.

Sue said...

Hi Dove,
I watched "Amazing Grace" over the weekend....great movie. Thanks for the recommendation!