Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Brown Baggin' It

Brown Baggin It

In our last lesson for MMSD there is a process using a brown bag, inks and paints to make a journal. Here is my brown bag process. I added a little gold inking along with vera mark ink and colored embossing powder, then used my heat gun. I am getting a little braver in using that thing. Oh I forgot to mention the process is suppose to make it look like leather. I'm not there yet but I may put some purple fabric swatches on to the front of the cover. I have jute and bamboo yarn that I may use too.
Well my world is getting ready to change drastically. I won't have as much time to myself beginning this week. But everything changes and nothing remains the same except Jesus, the same yesterday, today and forever. Am I up for the change? - only time will tell. I like this round table conversation on TBN tonight. Its time for breaking the back of low self-esteem in many of us. I would agree with that one. Let me see through the eyes of Jesus what he sees and I will never be the same again.


Jacq said...

Your "leather" looks great.

Noel said...

Dove, there is a mighty shaking and moving being done by God these days and days to come. I've heard over and over again lately, in many different ways the story of Elijah and God's provision for him in the time of drought in 1Kings.
My prayers are with you!

Your brown bag does look like leather...sounds like you have enjoyed these classes a lot! You sure have learned many different techniques. Thanks for sharing with us!