Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Free To Be Me

This is a pink color wash piece of muslin with a photo transfer of an ole' advertisement for an apron. I also stamped a designer heart in blue, calligraphy the words "Free to be me" on it but "ME" bled. Before I heat set it I forgot and used more water on it. The little purple face will be added permanently to it. Can you guess what the face is wrapped in? This was another sample from Lisa Engelbrecht's class during Art-n-Soul week.


My oldest called me today. He shared the sweetest story and of course I cried. A family in his church has kind of adopted him as he puts it "on this side of the river." They invited him over on Father's Day so he wouldn't be alone. He wasn't able to come home bc he had to sing at church. Here's his story"

"Mom, Kelly's mom and dad are just like you and dad. I told them you guys would have to meet. When Kelly and his family lived in a different home they had children that began to crawl under their fence and play in their backyard. As it continued Kelly's parents realized the children were not being taken care of properly. Long story short they decided rather than let social services take them and separate these 7 brothers and sisters, they would ask to adopt them all to keep them together. They already had 4 children of their own and wondered how God would take care of all of them.

They have been on Oprah and several other shows sharing their story. What I personally love is that this "white" family adopted 7 African American children back in the day when racial tension was high. Well really what has changed - i think the tension is still just as high in some areas of our country. It doesn't matter what color of skin you have a child needs love, nurturing, encouragement and a place to call home.

On tv I saw a clip from a Summit called Their intent is share about adoption. It sounded like a great idea, even if you can't adopt maybe you could relieve foster parents one night to give them a break.


Diana said...

That is just the most amazing thing. My grandmother used to say 'you live by example'. This couple sure sets a great standard. Thank your son for sharing that.

morningDove said...

i will pass your comment on to him, he will be pleased it touched others.

Jacq said...

We have friends that have three children of their own and have adopted 18 children from around the world. The kids are all grown up now. They always amaze me, two daughters was all I could handle.