Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 21- The God Who Brings Discernment

Today, actually the last few days, have been unusually busy with family matters. So many different fires I have been putting out. Shame I'm not a firefighter and get paid to do it. lol

There is a statement in Day 21 "The hidden snares of sudden wealth or what looks like easy plunder too often prove a trap to the ones who see with only temporal eyes.

I was talking to a mortgage lender today and he expressed that with all the problems in housing, and foreclosures and people being in trouble on mortgages; its the first time he can remember the attitude of the lenders to be "let's see if you earn the privilege to have a loan through us to purchase a home." Interesting comment I thought! He was very impressed with our sons credit for being 21 years old. I believe his score is as high as ours after 27 grueling years of making payments, paying on time, balancing debt and assets. He stood in awe!

All that glitters is not necessarily gold. But sometimes is "seems" God just drops something into your lap and you must proceed forward. That is what we are doing with our middle son. More on this at a later date.

I love the prayer "Lord, give us eyes to see what you see and hearts that discern good from evil. Grant us safety from danger, and help us set our affections on you and you alone!"

That is an excellent prayer for this particular son because in another week he will be on the road alone as a police officer. A rookie.
A group of ladies were discussing our messies in making art. Well I don't have a designated "room" kind of like when all drink and one is assigned as a designated "driver", but no set room in my house. It is scattered everywhere and I do mean everywhere. This is what you would have for dinner if you came to my home to eat. And of course my faithful dog is near me underneath the table. He's not going far. What's it take to make your art?

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Tangled Threads said...

When my son moved out at 18 and a college freshmen, we agreed we'd wait 2 years before I did anything to his room (he needed the security of knowing he could come home). This summer was two years, so I cleaned out his room, delivered all his "stuff" to him, and turned his room into my studio. It's my place of refuge. I love to work in there. I added a small chair and my youngest son comes in and visits me while I work. Of course, I have to stop working and visit with him, but it is a special time and place. Thanks for the tip on photographing quilting.