Wednesday, January 30, 2008

3 Pennies & Day 33 - 33,000 to 300

Day 33 - The God Who Sees Our Potential
The Lord is with you, mighty warrior. Judges 6:12
I love the story of Gideon. How does God do business? It definitely is not the way of the world. He does not measure a man by the world's standards. Gideon was given an assignment from the Lord, Himself. Gideon was hiding in the winepress threshing wheat. His response was like many of ours: My family is at the bottom of the list of "who's who". I am the smallest among all. Maybe Gideon was chosen because of his weaknesses.
God reduced Gideon's army from 33,000 to a small band of 300. Their weapons were trumpets, torches and clay jars. Gideon was not voted "Most Likely to Succeed". But God saw his potential and used Gideon.
Scripture says God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong - so no one may boast before God.
God delights in promoting those whose hearts are tender toward his, regardless of their status.
It's not what you do, but whom you serve, that determines your success.
Today has been another busy day. Its unusual but two days in a row outside of my home running errands is strange. On my walk with my dog I found not one, not two, but three
pennies. I lov-v-v-e-e-e that Number. One blessing for each one of my sons. I received my VIP PSI pin today from Lyn
in Florida. I am wearing a dove charm, sea shell and fish charm. Since I wasn't born with
a silver spoon in my mouth, Lyn gave me dangling, silver feet. A sleek bikini and an inchie body.
I'll post the pic maybe later after I know Lyn has received her pin from me.

I also took my neighbor to visit the Creative Circle group. I have not been back since last year sometime. Alice would like to make a baby quilt for her first granddaughter who is scheduled to arrive into this world in two weeks. She wants to do a Noah's Ark quilt.

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