Monday, January 28, 2008

Fashion & Elegance


I finished my ATC book. I called it Jackie O - Fashion. One day while browsing through sale books at our local book store I came across a great book that I, of course, had to have. It is titled "Jackie - The Clothes of Camelot" by Jay Mulvaney. It has wonderful pics of her during President Kennedy's Presidency. There is something about Jackie Kennedy Onassis that speaks of elegance, simplicity, beauty, and strength. She was a beautiful First Lady and wonderful woman. I was young and didn't really care about those things. But when I got older and looked and heard about her I really grew to love the complete woman she represented.

This pic is taken from Today's Fashions on how to draw and paint. The cost of this book was $2.00 in the day. I love looking through this book. It's back in the time when elegance and beauty of line was created in clothing.
One comment says, "Good fashion artists are well paid. First impressions are important."
Advice was given on how to get a job as a fashion artist. Draw and redraw. Only by practice can you improve. This good advice still holds true for today.


Fannie said...
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Fannie said...

Sorry, Dove. I made spelling errors and wanted to correct it and messed things.

I admire Jackie's inner strength and quiet dignity.

You're right--improvements result from continual practice. I miss "practice times" when I'm back in school.

Barbara said...

what a beautiful fabric the ladies..

Jacq said...

Your book on Jackie O is really great and a nice tribute to her.

Tangled Threads said...

Love your book. Jackie's style greatly influenced my mother. My mother, a housewife, always had that same sense of style and always looking your best. Too bad her daughter leaned more towards the hippie/flower child look. We both survived it.