Saturday, January 26, 2008

Delight In The Lord

Day 29 - 40 days In God's Presence

The God Who Delights In You

Psalm 149:4

For the Lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with salvation.

Hey my name is written in God's brag book. I like that. God chose you and me for his pleasure. God does not want a long distance relationship but one of intimacy. N2MeC. That's my little abbreviation. People don't fall in love, they grow in love.

Today's ART - Stampin' Up Cards
I went to a Stampin' Up party today and invited my neighbor. I must show myself friendly if I want to get to know my neighbor better. We must spend time together - sharing, talking and listening. That is the only way to become better acquainted. I delighted in the time we shared together. She was involved in a bad accident that left brain damage and struggles because she is not the same person as before.
The party was wonderful with a bunch of like-minded ladies. We laughed, shared, and made beautiful cards together. It was a great day spent in pure pleasure with a new friend.
And if you want to get to know God better you must spend time In His Presence and With Him.


Fannie said...

Did you enjoy the stamping party? I have hundreds. Would you like some? I used to have thousands. Gave most of them away. I used to teach stamping.

Tangled Threads said...

Isn't it great to know the security of having your name in the Lamb's book?! I fixed the link to your blog from my blog. Thanks for telling me it wasn't working.

Jacq said...

I use to be a Stmpin'up sales rep. I also have quite a few stamps and would love to share with you.

morningDove said...

oh my you guys are the greatest. I would love to benefit from your expertise and collection. Do you feel what you learned thru Stampin' has helped in your creativity with other areas?

Fannie said...

It seems that my stamping classes encouraged creativity among my students, and many of them eventually accepted the idea that they are "artists." I found that stamping was a tool that increased confidence and encouraged the idea to try new things and overcome the paralysis that sometimes accompany fear of the unknown and the negative noises inside one's head. Art in any form can be a healing instrument. Some students begin with obligation, and they are usually the ones that don't want the class to end.