Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Interruptions or Eruptions

Day 32 - The God Of Interruptions
I found this post very hard to make yesterday. Today I am more composed I think. Sad to say when I studied this one; little did I know I would get to know Him good by this Name. Yesterday was not my own, but no day ever is. I just feel more in control some days more than others. I felt totally put off yesterday with appointments outside my home. One was with friends I had scheduled to have lunch with, and actually needed to do. I miss these two ladies bunches. It's just that my mind was scattered. And I mean everywhere.
You know it seems Jesus was always expecting what we call interruptions but they were another way for him to show himself to the world. The statement was made "The sooner we learn to enjoy interruptions for what they are - personally designed encounters from God to make his ways known - the more we will learn to enjoy this wonderful, creative God of Interruptions.
I must stop erupting like a volcano, even when no one sees it but me and its internal.
Where's that peaceful spirit I want so much, and that contentment.
It's being worked on.

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