Thursday, January 24, 2008







This trade has restrictions and they are: must incorporate the 5 listed items into whatever you make:

red fabric, white button, paper, something gold and thread/yarn any color.

So I made a little booklet with three picture pages from my cruise to the Caribbean. I used my Scrapbook program to write words and expressions about doors: believe, No Closed Doors; gratitude, Door of Expression; and courage, Open Gateway. Each page has batting inside and on the back I used a stabilizer that I painted. The cover is red fabric painted with a splash of gold fabric paint on front and back. I attached Velcro inside for the fastener and added a pearl button on front like a door knob. I used rub-on letters to spell "Doorways" on the front. The pages were connected with a beautiful red braided ribbon that was extended to the front cover and a small paper bead was attached on it. I believe you could put your needles on the back pages through the batting in the center. So it is a useful booklet.

Day 28 - The God Who Never Forgets

We as human beings forget things, people, appointments, etc. But in Isaiah 49:15 God says, "I will not forget you." thank God He remembers me.

My hubby and I went to Cracker Barrel for dinner tonight. And this is an example of how he shows me He is thinking about me. I had selected the word "Prosperity" as the one little word for me this year. As soon as I walk through Cracker Barrel's door there is a wonderful display of angels and framed pictures. But on the very top of the shelf in a tiny basket are inspiration stones. The stone on the very top of the mix had the word "Prosperity" on it. Now He can't get much more personal in a little matter of one word for me. Or can He. He knows everything about me. He remembers every promise He has spoken to me and has not forgotten the moment, the hour, the day, the year they will be fulfilled.


Jacq said...

Your "Doorways" book is reall nice. You have some really great ideas for it.

morningDove said...

Hi Jacq: thanks you for your comment. I need to work on ATC book.