Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"It's A Secret" Revealed

or is that Granny Get Your Pin

Remember I had a pic that was a secret. Well here it is revealed. My first trade as a hostess. FAT Flat Fiber dolls are being created to trade. Here are my little creations. I
love the angelina surfer boy. I used a rubber flower stamp, laid out angelina in a way the fibers would hang out after pressing the angelina on the stamp to give him wild, wild hair.(remember to place angelina between parchment or teflon pressing sheet).
His pants are made of textiva with stuff in between 2 pieces of textiva. I added a white button for his belly button. I just
love him.
Little Missy Means Business
Peltex foundation, wrapped yarns and fibers around her body. A peltex face applied loosely to top (a little 3D). I loved the rolling pin for an embellishment. My granny ruled with an iron fist or should I say with her rolling pin. Her kitchen was her domain. If you visited you better be prepared to eat and eat and eat.
My aunt Lethia lived there too. She was what they called back then an Ole' Maid. She never married. But she did collect lots of bottles, ornate bottles, beautiful colored bottles. They were everywhere in the living room along with her millions of doilies. Well it seemed like a million when you were just a child. Little Missy is a bottle design. She's a simple bottle with handles and a pointy top. I wish I had acquired some of those bottles. On today's market they would be worth lots of money. But I would not have sold them. Unfortunately, my cousin was given everything, including her home and property. Anyway, that's another story.

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Jacq said...

Your flat dolls are great. Thanks for sharing how you made them. Congrats on hosting a trade.