Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Seize the Day

Day 20 - The Lord of the Harvest

Can you imagine your boss sending you on a trip and instructing you to take no money, no extra clothing and don't be idle in small-talk and chatter? Jesus expanded from his 12 disciples to 72 sent out two-by-two on a mission trip. Upon their return back to the Master they were amazed at what they had been able to do - they were enamored with the power. Where there were needs Jesus was giving them the power to meet those needs. But in their zeal their focus had turned to what they were able to do and how even the demons submitted to them in Jesus' Name. Quickly they lost their true focus - The Lord of the Harvest and that people had been added to The Kingdom of God through those amazing miracles because of God.

I know everyday when I would walk and find a penny I would thank God. But when the New Year began I changed my thought process to thanking God before I found the penny. To be content and joyous in my relationship with Him became my focus; not finding the penny. But He has allowed me to find a coin for everday of this year.

One statement in today's reading caught my attention and I found myself weeping before God alone. "When we find joy in Jesus alone, we will have no other reason to boast, and we will need nothing else to satisfiy - no miracles, no blessings, no signs from Heaven. Anything else God grants is a fringe benefit and a gift to offer back to Him."

Seizing the day never means seizing the power.

TicTacToe Gingerbread Doll Quilt
I loved doing a quilt every year for St. Jude Children's Hospital. Here is a TicTacToe quilt for a child. The soft little dolls fit into pockets on each square. I made a set of dolls representing the X's and O's in yellow and green. It was a game they could play in their quiet time or moving from room to room. It was light and easy to carry. This was a fun quilt to do. I hope the child that received it enjoys it as much as I did making it.


Jacq said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

Maggie R said...

Morning Dove...
I was trying to find your email but no luck...
I found a page on Clear winged butterflies I wanted to send you here it is
I couldn't find the original article but this gives you an idea. If you type "clear winged butterfly" in your search engine it brings up a lot of different varieties.
BTW I love this wee quilt!